Students enrolled in an ACES curriculum are potential members of the College of ACES Student Council. The Council is composed of the Council Executive Officers, Chairs of Council Committees, two representatives from each organization eligible for representation on the Council, a representative from each newspaper within the college, Freshman Class Representatives, and Student Senators representing the college.

Council has several purposes outlined in the constitution and bylaws. The primary two goals are to facilitate communication between ACES students and faculty and to promote interaction between the ACES Council member organizations.

Generally, Council meets on the first Monday of every month during the academic year. All students and faculty are invited to attend. Meeting agendas usually include reports from all committee chairs, old and new council business, and club announcements. During the last meeting of the fall semester, Council executive officers are elected. Committee chairs are elected during the last meeting of the spring semester.

In addition to these meetings, Council hosts a “Lunch with the Deans” each month to provide discussion among students and the College of ACES administration. Council also hosts ACES week, the ACES student awards banquet, and other events.

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